What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a fun alternative to Paintball and Airsoft, where you can experience the adventure and adrenaline of running around the Paintball game zones, diving from barricades and trenches, playing team based games like Flag Capture, but with no projectiles, so therefore without the need for restrictive safety items like Goggles and Body Armour!

Laser Tag  is a fun and enjoyable option to experience the spirit of Paintball, without firing projectiles. The Laser Tag guns use infra-red technology, fired from the barrel of the Laser Guns, and sensors on a headband, and on the top of the guns to register the infra-red beams, and detect a hit. The Laser guns are incredible accurate to a range of 100+ metres.

Due to the game being totally safe, it is great for schools and childrens parties. Players aged 8+ can come play Laser Tag, where they will recieve the latest Laser equipment, aswell as camo suits and hats.

Outdoor Laser Tag is not too different on the surface from indoor laser tag but quite a bit different under the surface. Real lasers are not used due to the hazards to players and anyone within blinding range, partly because of the increased laser power required when playing outdoors and because there are no walls to block the laser from travelling miles. The range required is much greater so better optics are used, and full sunlight required improvements in both sensor and IR emitters.

When playing paintball you can sustain bruises with laser tag you are not hit by a projectile just a harmless infra red beam therefore no chance of bruising - unless you fall in the woods. The game is safe and fully insured.  There is no need to wear a mask just camouflage coveralls and a hat.

As with paintball we supply a clean dry coverall to wear over your clothing. We would suggest you wear boots or sturdy footwear as all games are played in natural woodland. If you have gloves it is suggested you wear them. In case of inclement weather a change of footwear and possibly clothing is advisable, you don't want mud in the car from muddy boots.

The Games

Team and Solo Games The two most common laser tag games are Team Games and Solo Missions. Both usually feature an unlimited amount of ammunition, and a pre-set number of lives. In a team game, teams are distinguished by different coloured LEDs. In solo missions, everyone is fair game for everyone else, though informal teams and packs are sometimes formed.

Elimination Games

Elimination formats allow each player a limited number of lives, which are lost by being tagged, and may be played in team or solo variations. When a player has no more lives remaining, their game is over and they must leave the arena. The objective in a team elimination format is to be the last team with players still surviving. The game ends when only one team remains, or when time runs out. The objective in a solo elimination game is to be the only player left alive, and the game ends when only one player remains, or when time runs out.

Specialty Games

Specialty games are games with complex rules, such as objective based games. The rules for such games are widely varied and depend on the location of the event.