Cold Weather Warning

Paintball winter photo


The Met Office is forecasting some cold weather for the weekend of 11/12 February 2017, with the possible prediction of snow.

Paintball can be great fun in the winter, but we would hate a dump of snow to spoil your day out at Skirmish Paintball Games, so anybody who has booked a day thru this web site will be guaranteed a full refund for this weekend if they are unable to attend the venue do to local snow fall.  

Snow is forecast for the East of England, and our paintball venues at Norwich, Ipswich, and Billericay have confirmed they intend running at the moment, all customers will be notified if any changes our made.

The West of the country should escape any bad weather, and no concerns have been expressed by our paintball venues at Cardiff, Bristol, Exeter or Southampton.

Skirmish paintball Surrey and Lasham are feeling relaxed about the weekend but if the bad weather for the East of the country moves they will bring customers up to date.

Our Edinburgh and Glasgow venues are recommending that paintball players rap up warm, but foresee no issues.

The Midland venues covering Wakefield ,Brighouse, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, are all reporting that they are monitoring the situation.