Player Gallery at Skirmish Nottingham & Sheffield

nottingham paintball game

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Here's a few reasons why you should!

Our Nottingham Paintball venue has multiple themed game arenas created by our experienced marshalls using a combination of natural and man-made cover. Opened in 1988 Skirmish Sherwood Forest was one of the first paintball sites in the area and has since developed into one of the country's leading Paintball venues.

Paintball is a group activity combining teamwork, strategy and quick thinking, your visit to Nottingham's Skirmish will be a rewarding and thrilling experience for women, men and kids from the age of 9 years and upwards (please call us for kids paintballing days).

All players are equipped with the latest easy-to-use semi automatic paintball markers, biodegradable paintballs, full camouflage coveralls, padded headgear and full face paintball goggles as protection. During your visit you and your team will be sent on various exciting and challenging missions in our paintball jungle set in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

Utilising Skirmish’s many stimulating THEMED game features, you can play paintball at whatever pace you choose. Whether your needs are entertainment or personnel development, we guarantee you’ll have an entertaining, exciting and fun time at Skirmish. Our games are designed to develop teamwork, communication skills and leadership qualities whilst fitting into your specific requirements and budget. Companies and groups from all over the UK continue to find lasting benefits by playing at Skirmish sites.