Paintball experiment at our Ipswich venue

skirmish Paintball Ipswich Valken Test

We have experienced serious issues with the quality of paintballs this winter, thou the balls have performed, it has been at the lower end of quality that we accept at Skirmish Paintball.

Issues that we have faced our a very high starch content within the paintball, this is great for “marking” a player when they have been shot as it leaves a nice splat, unfortunately thou it makes it very difficult to clean paintballs that have been contaminated in the paintball hopper by a burst ball.

Also paintballs have been coming in “undersized”, this has a potential benefit for the customer as our measuring machine works on size, delivering the customer more paintballs for their money. On the down side if the paintballs are too small they will double feed into the breach of the gun, either rolling out of the barrel or causing a burst in the gun that makes subsequent paintballs fired inaccurate till the barrel is cleaned.

The third issue we have faced is brittle paintballs in the cold weather. As the day has cooled the paintballs during the day, the balls become more fragile, and more likely to break in the hopper o the barrel of the gun.

As stated the paintballs have been working within the parameters set out, but to the lower end, not the higher which we would prefer.

To that result we have been experimenting with a new brand of paintballs from Valken Paintball Supplies, and we tested the paintballs for the first time at our Skirmish Paintball Ipswich venue in Suffolk this past weekend, and what  a weekend to try it.

Saturday and Sunday were bitterly cold days, with a dusting of snow covering the ground on Sunday.

The new Valken paintballs were put to an extreme test on the fields, and passed with flying colours.

Skirmish Paintball intend using the paintballs on their Norwich and Ipswich site to monitor their performance before rolling out onto all our venues