Paintball in Ipswich, the perfect location!

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Our Paintball ispwich site is ideally located for the following places...

Paintballing Near Colchester

Skirmish offers prices and packages to suit all budgets making a day of paintballing in Colchester even more appealing. There’s nothing better than running through the overgrowth and shooting the winning shot of the game!

Just 50 miles northeast of London, our Colchester paintball site is even perfect for those looking to escape the city for the day!

Our Ipswich paintball site is only 32 miles away from Colchester, which means it’s just a 45-minute drive standing between you and an incredible day at Skirmish Paintball Ipswich!


Paintballing Near Felixstowe

If you are looking to play Paintball in Felixstowe, you are only a short distance away from our fantastic venue in Necton, Norfolk.

Get your heart pumping with a session of paintballing in Felixstowe! Planning an event and want an exciting venue? The search is over! Our Felixstowe paintball venue is your answer.

Head over to our paintball site in Felixstowe and test your skills. With plenty of packages and games to choose from, paintballing in Felixstowe will be an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll run through the trees, dive into trenches, and battle it out amongst man-made and natural battlefields! And hopefully, you’ll become the Skirmish champion of our Felixstowe paintball site!


Paintballing Near Hadleigh

Grab your mates (and some comfortable shoes) and head over to our paintballing site in Hadleigh! A day out at our paintball venue in Hadleigh is a surefire way to have an incredible day out.

We boast more exhilirating game zones than you can imagine and with our variety of prices and packages, your bank account won’t even take a hit. From paintballing stag parties to a day out with friends, people swarm to our Hadleigh paintball site – and they always leave happy!

Located between the larger towns of Sudbury and Ipswich, Hadleigh is right next to the River Brett, not to mention our fantastic Ipswich paintball venue. Just a short 40-minute drive away, travel the 27 miles to Skirmish Paintball Ipswich and you’ll be hooked. Let the competition for Skirmish’s Paintball Ipswich champion begin!


Paintballing Near Stowmarket

Our Ipswich paintball site is just 23 miles from Stowmarket which means you only have to travel for approximately 37 minutes in order to have a fantastic day of Skirmish paintball! You’ll run around the trees, dive into trenches, and clamber around barricades – the real world will have never felt so far away.


Ufford Paintball - Paintballing Near Ufford

If you can’t hear the sounds of paintballing in Ufford, you’re not listening hard enough. Ufford’s paintballing venue is close enough for you to hear the gunshots, not to mention all the paintballers of Ipswich laughing, joking, and shouting their way to victory.

Get into the game yourself! You may be looking for the perfect birthday venue or you may be searching for a fun day out – either way, look no further than paintballing in Ufford.

With kids paintball packages, and even a great range of deals for stag and hen parties, there’s nothing like the sheer thrill of a session of paintballing in Ufford! Storm through undergrowth, climb to new heights on the barricades and narrowly miss oncoming fire in the trenches.

And the best bit? Skirmish Ipswich Paintball is a short, ten-minute drive away. Grab those keys and all your friends – today you’re going paintballing in Ipswich!