Amazing Paintball Arenas at Skirmish Paintball Norfolk

Paintball Norfolk Paintballing Arenas

Come down to Skirmish Norfolk and take a look at the fantastic Paintball Arenas we have to offer!!#

Here are just a few of the amazing game zones at Skirmish Paintballing Norfolk...

Our Amoured Assault Arena

Test your neervs playing paintball on our Armoured Assault arena at Paintball Norfolk! Teams must battle their way through the dense foliage, using it as cover to sneak around and surprise their enemy! A paintball tank sits in the middle of the arena, and teams must battle for control!

The Bridge Seige

You are part of a special marine core sent in to capture a key bridge. The allies are relying on you to repel any counter attacks, and hold onto the bridge until backup arrives. A simple game of defence... Or maybe not! Both teams must secure the objective, meaning an intense battle for ground and position is created in this fantastic Norfolk Paintballing battle zone.


Paintballing in Norfolk has never been so good! Our marshalls have been paintballing for years, and we constantly adapt and evolve our paintball arenas to create new and challenging situations, so each return visit to our paintball venues will bring you a new adventure!

Skirmish Paintball Norfolk

Reviewed by james on .

Amazing Paintball in Norfolk! Took my 12 year old son there yesterday - his first time. We absolutely loved it. Got a 500 ball deal for booking early which was more than enough for 3 hours. Part of Echo Troop with instructor 'Peter' who was nice and informative. Managed 6 games and a stag run shoot-down at someone who was getting married. Really good game zones and welcomed by all the players. We are definately coming again, especially as my son won a game for our troop! This is an excellent venue and a great day out.

Rating: 5